Why A Physician Wants To Join The TeleMedVIP Network

TeleMedVIP offers a unique opportunity for physicians to practice medicine in ways the current system make difficult or impossible. How would you like to spend more time face to face with your patient? How would you like a patient load of 800 patients instead of thousands? How about not having to call nor justify to a third party your treatment of your patient? How about not having to maintain an expensive office and support staff? Does no more scheduling nor billing sound good to you? Would you like the flexibility to have a contract or salary with incentives or reimbursed on a per patient visit? We want our physicians to work more normal hours so they have more time with their families.

• Practice medicine the way you want to practice
• Flexibility
• No office required
• See patients from your home, vacation home or where ever you are using telemedicine technology
• No scheduling, billing or office expenses
• Work a normal 40 hour week
• Have more time for critical thinking
• Very low startup cost compared to opening a private practice
• You will need a good computer with good internet connection, something you likely already have
• Limited to no contact with insurance companies

• Be a part of building the next generation of medical practice
• You will have direct input into the companies operation; your voice is required in order for the company to provide the best quality care possible
• Additional resources are available to your patient to assure comprehensive services for the whole person.
Using your personal touch, combined with the most advanced technologies available makes the practice of medicine fun again
• At the end of the day, you will have made a real difference for your patient; you will be helping to set the standard for superior medical care by combining your personal touch and technology and all the while, you will have fun!


Let’s Summarize Why You Might Want To Explore Joining TeleMedVIP:

We believe in old fashioned hands-on patient care combined with the most advanced telemedicine systems available, thus expanding the reach of your care to your patients. We want you to be able to spend quality time with each your patients. Join the network today to start this exciting approach with your patients. Opportunities available for full-time, part-time, or contract. We are flexible and will work with you to meet your needs. For more information, please contact us at 713-452-1873. You can also email Gerald Stansbury (gstansbury@telemedvip.com).