Who We Are


To assure all opportunities are tailored and designed for our patrons according to their needs, not the needs of a system. We endeavor to assure our patron's wellness through professionally competent prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up care. 

"I am combining tech with superior medical care. We want to prevent disease, not wait and treat it after it has already begun. When one becomes ill we want to make it convenient for the person to access care using technology from the comfort of their home. I am combining tech with superior medical care." Dr. Thomas Updike 

Dr. Thomas Updike
Owner/ Founder/ CEO
Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you preserve your health and at all times provide superior health services when they are needed, for as long as necessary but no longer than required for good health.

Our Values

Our first and highest priority is the health, safety, and well-being of those who have placed their trust in our hands. To provide quality, ethical, and proven health and wellness opportunities to our patrons.