Patient Experience

Welcome to an evergrowing telehealth network where you can see your doctor, counselor, nutrition coach, peer support, or other health staff via HIPAA secure video on your phone or tablet. Registration costs $50. After your registration fee, your cost is only $25 per month for your household to have access to the network and then simply pay for the services you use.

Some medical services may require the purchase of a TytoHome device in our Go Bag which is sold separately.

Current Services in the network include:

Primary Care

"Immediate" Return to Health Care

Nutrition Coaching

Individual Counseling (Texas)

Peer Support Services (Texas)

Stress Management

Physical Training

Health Education

Meal Planning

Sexual Health

Type II Diabetes Plan   

Cosmetic Surgery Questions (Texas)

 *This membership fee only includes access to the Network with each provider setting their own rates for services provided.*    

  “One size fits all” doesn’t work in medicine! Your physician works with you to determine and maintains your optimal level of health. Our network of doctors and nurses are here to serve you based on what is best for you! You will always have access to your comprehensive healthcare team and your personal health information!  

Reasons why A Concierge Physician is right for you:

• Convenient- easier to see your physician when needed, especially when combined with the ability to complete your appointment via smart phone or tablet
• Confidential
• Gives you back time for other things in your day by eliminating long waits and traveling to see the doctor
• Holistic- This includes your Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, and Employment health and well-being.
• Your physician and comprehensive healthcare team know you and what makes you- you.
• We want you to be at your best.
• A lot of services for your investment in you
• TeleMedVIP cares about you and maximizing your potential to live life to the fullest.

Lower caseloads for the physicians allow them to see you when it is convenient for you. This is further enhanced by the inclusion of telemedicine to maximize the use of your time by eliminating driving to the doctor, waiting to be seen, or having to go to a higher level of care than necessary.

Using individualized medicine, we emphasize the Preservation of Health through prevention strategies, coupled with individual wellness plans. Your initial face to face visit with your doctor will help establish your baseline—what is healthy for you. From this baseline, your doctor will work with you to create your Health Preservation Plan.

Call us at 713-452-1873 with any questions or send us a message on the contact page.  

TeleMedVIP prefers the word "patron" instead of "patient" because it is more empowering for the person as each person is in control of his/ her own health with the support of a vast multidisciplinary health team.

Dr. Thomas F. Updike, CEO explained that “it's all about the relationship with a patron's Health Care Team. At TeleMedVIP, we seek to combine the latest technologies along with a holistic individualized model of medical care, all designed around the patron. The emphasis is on individualized personal care that is convenient and a state of the art medical practice. It's about empowering the individual, listening and providing the very best information required to plan good health. The patron is not just working with a Primary Care Physician at TeleMedVIP but with a team of specialists.”

Company CAO Gerald Stansbury explains why TeleMedVIP patron’s experience is unique. “The experience is as follows: A patron’s first visit is scheduled online and the patron provides basic medical information online prior to their face to face meeting at TeleMedVIP. Vital information regarding current & past health, family history (that includes immediate family as well as siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) will be gathered. Based on the information obtained, a physician will determine if additional medical evaluations are required. We shall discuss all dimensions of a patron’s life including social, personal, vocational, recreational and mental health. By doing so, TeleMedVIP practices holistic individualized care. The health team will review all the information collected and together a Health Preservation Plan is developed. The plan will include a personal Prevention Plan as well as an individualized Wellness Plan. The plan may include health and personal goals including exercise, nutritional, weight loss, stress reduction, recreational, leisure time or career goals. The annual fee also covers a variety of services that many other concierge medical plans do not. For example, DNA testing is provided with two of the plans.