Our Difference: Quality Care & Convenience

Our Difference: Quality Care & Convenience

In a typical family medicine or primary care practice, the doctor sees an average of 18 patients a day. Some doctors see many more. That’s why it takes so long to get an appointment, why waiting rooms are so full and why the visits are so short. TeleMedVIP affiliated doctors leverage technology so they have more time. This means:

  • You will get an appointment with your doctor the same or next day instead of waiting weeks, the average waiting time for a appointment at a traditional primary care practice.

  • Your appointments will start on time - you won’t be stuck in the lobby waiting an hour for your visit to begin.

  • You’ll see your doctor, not some other provider.

  • You’ll be able to reach your doctor after hours for urgent care needs.

You can see your doctor from the comfort of your own home.  When you see your doctor you won’t spend time in waiting rooms with sick patients and then be rushed out of the exam room. You’ll have time to talk about all your health concerns and get your questions answered. And your doctor will work with you one-on-one to help you stay well and prevent illness. 


The technology we employ at TeleMedVIP is a proven, state of the art medical diagnostic device that's easy to use and gives your doctor detailed and critical information in a secure and private app right from your phone or tablet.   Here's how it works:


To assure all opportunities are tailored and designed for our patrons according to their needs, not the needs of a system. We endeavor to assure our patron's wellness through professionally competent prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up care. 

"I am combining tech with superior medical care. We want to prevent disease, not wait and treat it after it has already begun. When one becomes ill we want to make it convenient for the person to access care using technology from the comfort of their home. I am combining tech with superior medical care." Dr. Thomas Updike 


Dr. Thomas Updike
Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you preserve your health and at all times provide superior health services when they are needed, for as long as necessary but no longer than required for good health.



Our Values

Our first and highest priority is the health, safety, and well-being of those who have placed their trust in our hands. To provide quality, ethical, and proven health and wellness opportunities to our patrons.

Individualized Medicine

• TeleMedVIP focuses on you, rather than population medicine to provide holistic care for you.
• Population Medicine has a wide focus that does not account for everyone’s uniqueness and is generally applied to large groups.
• We believe that it is important to clearly establish what is normal for you.

Personal Attention

• TeleMedVIP exists with the goal of preserving each patron’s wellness by providing easy access to care and convenience to work with your team.
• You are able to see YOUR physician without waiting and not feel rushed during your visit.
• You are a whole person, and TeleMedVIP is committed to using our network to support your physical, behavioral, emotional, spiritual, social, and employment health.


• Using telemedicine gives the gift of time by eliminating the need to travel to the doctor, rearrange schedules, or disrupting daily activities. You are able to see your doctor as long as you have an internet connection.
• TeleMedVIP encourages the use of at home electronic medical devices to assist your physician in providing timely and informed treatment.
• TeleMedVIP continues to research and explore new technologies to improve your services and further our mission to preserve your health.

Preservation Of Health

• TeleMedVIP utilizes a proactive, anticipatory approach designed to preserve your health and, when necessary, speed your return to good health through your Health Preservation Plan.
• With a focus on prevention, your physician and you identify risk factors to your health after reviewing your lifestyle, family history, and any labs or genetic tests that you have completed.
• There is also a focus on wellness where you will inform your doctor of any wellness goals that you have, and strategies can be devised to meet your goals. This could include weight loss, anger management, stress management, etc.