Introducing DNA Lab Tests

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We would like to offer you the opportunity to add some significant lab tests to your practice. Two DNA tests have been developed to inform you of potential cardiac risk and possible medication interactions. The Hereditary Cardiac Assessment Test, recommended by the American Heart Association, is fully covered by Medicare with multiple billing options available to you in conjunction with this DNA test. The medical interactions PGX test is covered by most insurance.

We have available, should you request, ICD 10 codes as well as examples of CPT codes that may be used for billing. These tests allow you to increase your revenue, at no additional cost to you, while allowing you to maintain your normal daily workflow. These simple tests are a great tool to enhance your medical services , save lives and enhance revenue. In addition, these tests may help you defend against potential malpractice lawsuits.

The second DNA test, the PGX, provides information related to medications best suited to your patient’s genetic make-up. The PGX information identifies potential drug reactions and risks. If you are interested, please request a sample report for details.

These tools can provide scientific support for the medications you prescribe should the need arise. The results are summarized on a page for your patients to carry with them in case of an emergency or unexpected hospitalization.

All DNA testing is done in the United Stated by a fully certified and licensed laboratory. Please request to see the certification.

We would be happy to help add these tests to your practice. Please fill out the form below to receive a free report and submit any questions.

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