Your Physician , Your Health

Thank you for visiting us here as we get started with a new way of doing things but in a way that also brings back the old country doctor approach in its delivery. Helping preserve your health is our focus here at TeleMedVIP. We aim to do that by utilizing a different approach that allows you to spend time getting to know your physician as your physician also gets to know you. TeleMedVIP utilizes a proactive, anticipatory approach designed to preserve your health and, when necessary, speed your return to good health through your Health Preservation Plan. Individualized medicine puts the focus on you and your uniqueness as everyone is different. We want to establish what is normal for you. With a focus on prevention, your physician and you identify risk factors to your health after reviewing your lifestyle, family history, and any labs or genetic tests that you have completed. There is also a focus on wellness where you will inform your doctor of any wellness goals that you have, and strategies can be devised to meet your goals. This could include weight loss, anger management, stress management, etc. Using telemedicine gives you the gift of time by eliminating the need to travel to the doctor, rearrange schedules, or disrupting daily activities. You are able to see your doctor as long as you have an internet connection. TeleMedVIP also highly encourages the use of at home electronic medical devices to assist your physician in providing timely and informed treatment. We will continue to research and explore new technologies to improve your services and further our mission to preserve your health.

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