Staying Well

Constant movement, constant activities, lack of time, taking care of everyone else- most of us fall into the trap of taking care of everyone and everything but ourselves. There is a reason that when we receive the instructions from flight attendants they ask us to secure our own oxygen mask before helping others...

Many people only see their doctor when something is wrong, and they cannot power through it any longer. I have been guilty of this on many occasions. There is another way to approach your health though, where your physician and team spend time working for you to help preserve your health through wellness and prevention. This can increase your energy level, happiness, productivity, and the amount of time you spend with your loved ones. We are aware that many people have a negative image in their head of going to the physician. From the hassle of making an appointment to driving to the doctor and then having to sit and wait to be see, we recognize that this is not how people want to spend their time, regardless if they are well or ill. TeleMedVIP incorporates telemedicine when possible to eliminate these issues and give you back all that time in your day. Unlike some other telemedicine companies, you are actually spending the time face to face with YOUR physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner as well as all the other members of your team such as the nutritionist, physiologist, psychologist, etc. They also get to spend time with you as their caseloads are far smaller than traditional primary care physicians. You are empowered to ask questions, discuss options, and determine the plan that works best for you.