Health Skills to Escape Diabetes!

It takes skill to eat less and exercise more than most of the people around you. That’s the way to escape the overweight inactive diabetes epidemic.

Good health requires controlling chronic medical illnesses by what we do for ourselves and our families. Each of us can enhance quality as well as length of life. We can't buy good health, we have to learn the skill and earn the benefit by rational action. We can train you to improve your health skill.

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What To Do?


First of all, there some things to do for good health that are pretty obvious. We should brush our teeth every day, get a flu shot every year and fasten our seat belts wherever we go. Other things take a little more attention.

What To Measure?


Second of all, we must measure and keep track of our health. We must know our weight, our blood pressure, our maximum waist circumference and our tolerance for exercise. We must keep track of what we're eating, how we're sleeping and how we're managing stress. If something's not right, you can take care of it right away.

What To Learn?


Thirdly, we must learn to do some things we haven't done before. Do you know much food is on the plate in front of you? Do you know how active you were today? Do you know how to get and keep your maximum waist circumference under 40 inches for a man and 35 inches for a woman? Do you know how to do moderate exercise 150 minutes every week?

What To Do Now?

The final question to answer is, "How to keep improving?" Pick a goal, make a plan, write it down, do whatever you're going to do, check to see if you followed the plan, adjust it so you can always keep improving and do it all again. Eventually, you won't even have to think about it.

Good health can be yours. Let us help you learn it and earn it.

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JA Herd, MD April 23, 2018