Escape the Overweight Diabetes Epidemic

This overweight diabetes epidemic is increasing in severity and spreading nationally at an alarming rate. Consuming more calories and doing less exercise spreads by popular example and advertising.

Increasing? Where and How Much?


The Overweight Diabetes Epidemic was reported first in the South Eastern States. That’s where diabetes in overweight and obese adults was most common. Since 2010, the proportions of adults with diabetes increased by more than 50% in nearly all states.

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The Good News - Remission is Possible:

A study of 306 patients with diabetes who were treated for 12 months in 49 primary care practices in the United Kingdom showed nearly half of the weight management group achieved diabetes remission. Their average weight loss was -10%. Nearly all who lost -15% of their body weight had complete remission without using any anti-diabetes treatment.

Physical Activity Delays Diabetes and Increases Life Expectancy:
The Framingham Heart Study, which has followed health and life expectancy of 5,000 men and women since 1950, reports that physical activity delays onset of diabetes and lengthens life. The primary concern has been prevalence of heart disease and stroke. However, physical activity also reduces risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

What Can You Do About All This?


We all know it’s easy to say, “Improve your health by eating right and moving a lot.” Just like it’s easy to say, “Play baseball by swinging a bat and hitting a ball.”

If you asked Jose Altuve or George Springer of the 2017 World Series-Winning Houston Astros baseball team, how they learned to play baseball they’d tell you they had good coaching and practiced a lot.

Abating diabetes and producing remission also takes good coaching and lots of practice. That’s what we can help you with, “Good coaching how to eat right and lots of practice moving around every day.”
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JA Herd, MD April 17, 2018