This overweight diabetes epidemic is increasing in severity and spreading nationally at an alarming rate. Consuming more calories and doing less exercise spreads by popular example and advertising.

Increasing? Where and How Much?


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Thank you to all of the new people who continue to come to TeleMedVIP to work with one of the physicians or participate in the Wellness services. We continue to refine the website to hopefully make it easier to navigate and answer questions. We have some exciting things in the pipeline, one of them being a program to address Type II Diabetes coming online shortly. Dr. Herd will be contributing a series of blogs around this topic too.

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you have likely seen that the fellow in our logo is called Strandie™. We plan to begin updating the blog on a regular basis very soon. If you wish to email us questions, please send them to


Constant movement, constant activities, lack of time, taking care of everyone else- most of us fall into the trap of taking care of everyone and everything but ourselves. There is a reason that when we receive the instructions from flight attendants they ask us to secure our own oxygen mask before helping others...

Many people only see their doctor when something is wrong, and they cannot power through it any longer. I have been guilty of this on many occasions. There is another way to approach your health though, where your physician and team spend time working for you to help preserve your health through wellness and prevention. This can increase your energy level, happiness, productivity, and the amount of time you spend with your love...

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Thank you for visiting us here as we get started with a new way of doing things but in a way that also brings back the old country doctor approach in its delivery. Helping preserve your health is our focus here at TeleMedVIP. We aim to do that by utilizing a different approach that allows you to spend time getting to know your physician as your physician also gets to know you. TeleMedVIP utilizes a proactive, anticipatory approach designed to preserve your health and, when necessary, speed your return to good health through your Health Preservation Plan. Individualized medicine puts the focus on you and your uniqueness as everyone is different. We want to establish what is normal for you. With a focus on prevention, your physician and yo...

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