Pediatric Concierge Service

Recognizing your need for convenience and peace of mind, our Pediatric Concierge Service brings your child’s pediatrician to you virtually for most services so you do not need to rearrange your day or worry about taking your well child into the Sick Waiting Room. Dr. Annelise Ribeiro adheres to the Preservation of Health model and the TeleMedVIP App allows your child to see Dr. Ribeiro wherever you are as long as you have a signal on your smart phone, tablet, or computer. This service will be available for purchase soon. Please contact us now at if you would like information regarding pricing or to be notified when it is available.

•  Face-to-Face in person visits when necessary

•  Full Confidential Secured Electronic Medical Record

•  Confidential Video Conferencing

•  Anticipatory medical practices: we try to anticipate medical issues and develop strategies with you to seek out and identify early warning signs to disease for your child(ren).

•  24/7 access to your child’s pediatrician or an advanced medical nurse practitioner

•  Electronic prescriptions sent to your pharmacy

•  Urgent Care for minor Return to Health Services

•  Extensive evaluation of your child’s health history and history of your family (both past and present)

•  Monthly pricing includes visits and phone calls during office hours with after hours consultations costing $75 each

•  Vaccines are administered according to the AAP/ACIP and CDC guidelines and are not included in the price of the membership.

•  Discounts available for multiple children